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Everyone loves food. Life without good food may be very much boredom. Adding spices and different flavors by chefs made dining more interesting. In this 21st century where to dine is equally important. Most foodies even travel to different cities and towns and even different countries to try different variety of food. Much time food may be very tasty and recipe may be mind blowing but if the food is served in a very stylish way then it adds a feather in the cap

Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.

----Alan D. Wolfelt

To make dining place a great symbol of love designers play a great role in adding taste of graphic flavors to this foodie world. Graphic art previously referred as art has been popular in the world since ancient times. When we look back at the history of graphic art it has its root in ancient times. Hundreds of graphic designs of animals were made by primitive people in Chauvet cave, in the south of France, about 30,000 BC.

But the real Graphic design story started with William Addison Dwiggins born in Martinsville, a village in Clinton County who coined the term “graphic design” in 1922 to describe his process of designing books, as combination of typesetting, illustration and design (Credits Wikipedia)

But now in 21st century Graphic art is part of day to day life and people are unknowingly getting used to it. Graphic art has its application almost in every field of life like industry, sports, tourism, home decoration, business, restaurants, education, health care and many other fields. However in this article we are trying to find out the application of Graphic art on foodie world.Food being very important part of the life let us imagine, what way graphic art can influence food lovers. The tasty food has pleasant flavor which makes it good to eat. The artistic style of serving the food influences the people to come to eat the food in the same place, repeatedly. May be it is a restaurant, fast food, food truck, street food, take away or food served as daily Tiffin from home. So……designing a dining place is now becoming very important. Graphic elements like images, drawing, colors, design, layout, and typography have a powerful impact on food lovers……why not try to find out the scope for graphic art in the foodie world?


Sign board is the first step to attract customers. Unique design of sign board will make everyone remember that they had food in particular restaurant. Graphic artist can make a very attractive signboard using latest typography and art work combination. Sign boar is a part of image branding and it will have a great effect on the minds of food lovers.

Thanks and Credits to photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash


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Graphic elements when added to everyone favorite ice cream, it looks stylish and attracts more customers. Ice creams for different occasions can be designed differently. Even though packaging of ice cream is mostly colorful, it is not enough. It needs more innovative and creative ideas to attract people of all ages. Graphic designs have great scope to covert browsers to buyers.

So…….there is a great scope in making graphic designs for Ice cream cup, Ice cream cone, Ice cream box, Ice cream parlor.


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The food truck is a good example of graphic design which has changed a complete look of the truck and this moving food cart looks to be very attractive. Food truck business or a restaurant on wheels has been gaining popularity as a concept in India,


The latest trend is to create interesting art work on the walls of the restaurant. This can make the sitting area more attractive. Graphic designer has to be very creative on developing designs suitable for the restaurant depending on the style of the food they serve.

Thanks and Credits to photo by Peter Donker on Unsplash


Restaurant menu design is intended to highlight all food items served by the restaurant along with pricing of all items. Attractive menu card can definitely impress customers and the foodies may be induced to order some more dishes. In increasing the added value of menu card graphic designer plays a very important role through typography, color combination, illustrations, etc.

Thanks and Credits to photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

As people are more and more interested in adding taste of week end foods, Artwork in cafes, restaurants, food truck, fast food, ice-cream parlor, pizza hut needs creative thinking. There is a great scope to seriously work on developing food related graphic art. In near future graphic designers are likely to work closely with restaurants. The graphic form like typographic art is going to appeal everyone. Making waiting time more enjoyable, the taste of graphic flavors can keep foodies engaged with great work on walls, menu, brochures, discount cards, table display.

So….why not create exclusive art work that foodies would love?

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