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My idea was to create company name with a great logo which is different and out of the box. Mostly people select the name of the business based on their first name or surnames or usual common trendy business name as they see in the market.

It was very important that my business name should be very uncommon so that I can create a catchy logo. I am very happy to note that even though Vanfy exists as a family surname, it is found very rarely. After making lot of research I could find one family name as Dr. Vanfy who worked for 20 years as a professor of chemistry in Indiana University. This reference was found in Jasper Weekly Courier, Volume 37, Jasper, Dubois County, published on 14 June 1895.

Also I could search one business in the name of Vanfy Shop in Rota Spain. They create unique designs for apparels, imitation jewelry-accessories, etc.

This made very clear in my mind that Vanfy is a very rare name and logo with this name can make a difference. As Logo being important part of branding, I also made every effort to imbibe all services in my logo . My logo alphabets stand for:

· V- Means Visiting card

· A-Represents for Art work

· N-Represents for New graphic ideas

· F- Stands for Flyers

· Y- Stands for Your graphic partner

With all above finding, I came to conclusion that the VANFY GRAPHICS is the best name for my Graphic design business. All these ideas have been incorporated in Vanfy logo and I feel Vanfy brand will be recognized in the market shortly.

Three cheers for Vanfy……….!

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